1. A community pool that is shaped like a regular pentagon needs a new cover for the winter months. The radius of the pool is 20.10 ft. The pool is 23.62 ft on each side.To the nearest square foot, the area of the pool that needs to be covered is  _____ ft^22. A square has an apothem measuring 2.5 cm and a perimeter of 20 cm.What is the area of the square, rounded to the nearest square centimeter?A. 13 cm ^2B. 25 cm ^2C. 50 cm ^2D. 100 cm ^2

Accepted Solution

1)960 square feet
2) B. 25 cm ^2
The area of a regular pentagon can be found using the formula.
[tex]A=\frac{1}{4} \sqrt{5(5+2 \sqrt{5})} *s^2[/tex]
s=side length
A≈960 square feet

The apothem of a square is half of the side length. 2.5*2=5.  5^2 = 25cm^2