which system of equations is graphed on this coordinate plane​

Accepted Solution

Answer:y=(3x/2)+3 and y=(-1x/2)-1Step-by-step explanation:So what I did was use rise/run to find the slope of the equation. Let's focus on the line going from the bottom left to the top right corner. For this line, I would start on (-2,0) which is one of the points plotted on your number line and count how much it is away from (0,3). You should get 3 units. After this, count how much it is to the right which is 2 units. Now, use rise/run to find the slope. 3/2, therefore the slope of the line is 3x/2.  Now all we need is the y-int. For the Y int, all we have to do is see where the line touches the Y-axis which in this case is at (0,3). So your y-int would be 3. Now we can use this information to craft an equation in the form y=mx+b, m being the slope and b  being the y int. We should get y=(3x/2)+3. Now repeat this with the other line to find the equation, but be careful!!! It has a negative slope.